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giving experience.

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For Afghan children,
the current situation
is horrible.

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Ukraine – Let’s help the
suffering population.


The Challenge.

Despite all the progress we have seen in recent decades, the world continues to face major challenges.

It is not easy to solve these problems.

But together, step by step, we can improve the life of a child, a family or a community.

Our Commitment.

GIVA supports global causes and charities.

It is our duty to give the less fortunate a future and hope.

When you give, you receive so much more back:
the satisfaction that you have helped to improve the life of another human being.

Donation purposes.







Created with a lot of Love.

Discover unique donation opportunities.
Presented in an original way.
And that make your heart glow.

Have more fun with donating.

Often the overall experience for donors is boring.

But at GIVA, everything is designed to captivate you. With attractive donation purposes that we bring to life for you. So that you are happier as a donor.

Do you want to help?

Your skills,
talent, and experience,
can make a bigger contribution
than you think.


Let's help to bring a positive change to the world!