and families

need our help.

Every day is a
fight for survival.

Imagine what people in Ukraine are going through now.
Their live has changed in the worst way possible.
They face now a horrible new reality.
War in their own country.

The invasion is causing a humanitarian crisis of unimaginable proportions.


people have fled Ukraine in just one week.
The UN Refugee Agency UNHCR

"We are looking at what could
become Europe's largest refugee
crisis this century"

Millions of people are fleeing the Ukraine in search of safety

Women, children and the elderly flee seeking safety.
The EU expects up to 7 million refugees.

In terror, people escape to neighboring countries. A journey full of risks. Cold, hungry and exhausted, they reach the border to finally be safe.

The population
suffers from the
terrible violence
of war.

Especially children –
the helpless victims
of this conflict.

How the world is helping.

Aid organizations have started emergency operations.

A massive wave of refugees

At the borders of the hosting countries, work goes on day and night.
With many volunteers and staff caring for the arriving refugees.

Refugees near the Lviv railroad station are waiting for the train to Poland

The relief efforts include:

  • Distribution of food and hot, comforting meals

  • Provision of safe shelters

  • Psychosocial support for adults and frightened children

  • Protection of children who arrive alone

  • Assistance in reuniting separated families

A frightened woman evacuates Irpin with her little baby

Inside the country

Urgently needed aid is also delivered on the ground.

  • Distribution of food parcels and meals

  • Mobile medical teams provide critical health services

  • Transport of children and families safely out of Ukraine

  • Supplying generators for producing vital electricity

  • Providing access to clean water

People help an elderly woman escape from the town of Irpin, near Kiev

The best possible gift.

Children, mothers and elders need us more than ever.
With your help, aid can reach the most vulnerable.

Please donate directly to any charity below.

Doctors Without Borders
International Red Cross
International Rescue Committee
Save the Children
Terre des hommes
The Salvation Army
World Central Kitchen
World Food Programme

Ukrainian refugees at Lviv train station are waiting for a train to escape to Europe

Your donation is a glimmer of hope
for the suffering people of Ukraine!